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  • Contact ILS for More Information

    To contact ILS via e-mail, select the Contact ILS for More Information link at the bottom of the open My Reports page.
    Your default e-mail software displays with the ILS Marketing e-mail address completed.

  • ILS Reports Copyright Notice

    The ILS Reports Copyright Notice displays in a new window whenever you select the following link on a page in the My Reports web site: Copyright © 2004 Inventory Locator Service®, LLC. All Rights Reserved. It describes the terms of use for ILS Reports. Close the window to return to My Reports.

  • Export Reports Copyright Notice

    The Export Reports Copyright Notice displays whenever you select the Export option on a Report Menu. You must agree to the terms of use before you can proceed with downloading the report results.

  • ILS General Copyright Notice for 2006

    To view the general ILS copyright statement, go to and select the following link at the bottom of any page: © Copyright 2006 Inventory Locator Service,® LLC All rights reserved. The Copyright notice displays in a new window. Close the window to exit Copyright.

  • Disclaimer

    To view the ILS disclaimer, select the Read Disclaimer link at the bottom of any My Reports page. The disclaimer displays in a new window for you to review ILS Disclaimer Warranty, Use of Cookies, and Limitations of Liability policies. To exit, close Disclaimer Warranty.

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